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Service Details

We offer a full motorbike diagnostic service in Cumbria. MBR Motorsports ltd have invested in the latest TEXA Multi Motorcycle Diagnostics equipment enabling us to perform a wide range of Diagnostic tasks.

Including: error reading and cancellation, Service light reset, view real time engine parameters and ECU states, settings and configurations, warning light resets, ABS systems and bleeding. Instrument panel warnings, setting and calibrations

Wear & Tear


Replacement Parts

Nuts & Bolts

Caliper Cleaning

Light Upgrades

What Are Diagnostics?

We have a wide range of ways to diagnose problem on a motorbike. The first would be our vast knowledge and experience on working on classic bikes to racing bikes. This experience is pricless when it comes to diagnosing issues with bikes. 

The second would be our inhouse testing and software we use. This works along side our Dyno that we have on site.

MBR Services

Our range of Motorbike Services. Click to find out more.


Servicing for all motorbikes. Pre MOT or general servcicing.


Repairs and upgrades for all motorbikes and engine sizes.


Something not running correctly? We can diagnose the fault.

Engine Rebuilds

Lower/Upper engine or full rebuilds. Track & Race bikes or everyday.


Custom suspension setups taking into account you as the rider.


Shot blasting and welding repairs or light/minor upgrades.