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DYNO Tuning

We are an approved and fully authorised Dynojet Power DYNO tuning centre serving Cumbria and the North West. Our technicians are fully trained by Dynojet UK.

If you have a fuel injected bike, which most modern bikes are these day, your bike is controlled by the Electronic Control Unit or ECU.

These come from the factory pre-programmed, and will all have compromises and limitations for both engine reliability, but more often for the emissions, these conditions cause problems like snatchy throttle pick-up and flat spots at certain points in the rev range; factors that directly affect “rideability”.

The benefits of ECU flashing aren’t always about headline-grabbing power gains but rather achieving a smoother, more responsive power delivery throughout the rev range, thus making the bike more “rideable”

There are a few different ways to adjust these, by using a piggy back fuel module like a Power commander, Rapid bike, or here at MBR Motorsports we can re-write the ECU or Re-flash.

Using our Dynojet rolling road dyno, we can monitor where your bike is needing changing, and by using specialist software we can talk to your ECU & remap your bike. Creating a full custom map to your bike. We provide full reports “print outs” for your bike before & after performance so you can see exactly the gains achieved. Once your bike has been refitted with your remapped ECU you will instantly notice performance improvements.

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