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We offer a full motorbike Suspension service in Cumbria. As one of Cumbria’s top suspension specialists MBR Motorsports offer a full range of suspension services for road riders, racers, MX, trackday riders or tourers helping you to get the best setup and performance from your motorcycle. We are fully trained and certified to work on your suspension.

We also offer a ride-in/ ride-out suspension setups. We work with you to find the best setup for you and your motorcycle using the bikes standard equipment. We can advise on any improvements that can be made like spring rate changes to suit your weight.

Front/Rear Static Sag

Fully Certified


Ride In Setup Service



What Can You DO With Suspension?

Most motorcycle suspension provides some degree of adjustment. The ‘factory settings’ are based upon a notional average rider, but so many variables can determine how suspension responds to specific riders and riding styles that there will almost always be tangible benefits from specific, individual configuration and set-up.

Upgrading suspension

Standard suspension on many motorcycles is a common area where manufacturers will make cost savings, especially so with more ‘budget’ models. Standard suspension will frequently be functionally adequate, but cannot provide the levels of refinement available from top quality, precision engineered components.

MBR Services

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Servicing for all motorbikes. Pre MOT or general servcicing.


Repairs and upgrades for all motorbikes and engine sizes.


Something not running correctly? We can diagnose the fault.

Engine Rebuilds

Lower/Upper engine or full rebuilds. Track & Race bikes or everyday.


Custom suspension setups taking into account you as the rider.


Shot blasting and welding repairs or light/minor upgrades.