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Service Details

Whether essential repairs are discovered as a result of your MOT or if your motorcycle sustains damage, MBR can put it right, with many years’ experience we have the knowledge to carry out any manner of repair work. Motorbike Repairs In Cumbria available from MBR Motorsports.

You may have been involved in a minor accident or just dropped the bike and are in need of some repairs or if you are in need of more serious repair work MBR can get you back on the road.

Wear & Tear


Replacement Parts

Nuts & Bolts

Caliper Cleaning

Light Upgrades

What Are Repairs?

We offer a wide range of repairs which can range from small minor work, to larger scale projects. Light repairs could be changing and replacing old rusted bolts, cleaning the brake calipers or light cosmetic work. 

The installation of 3rd party parts could also fall under this category, such as fitting a new exhaust or bars. 

MBR Services

Our range of Motorbike Services. Click to find out more.


Servicing for all motorbikes. Pre MOT or general servcicing.


Repairs and upgrades for all motorbikes and engine sizes.


Something not running correctly? We can diagnose the fault.

Engine Rebuilds

Lower/Upper engine or full rebuilds. Track & Race bikes or everyday.


Custom suspension setups taking into account you as the rider.


Shot blasting and welding repairs or light/minor upgrades.