Welding & Blasting

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Welding Details

We offer a full motorbike Welding service in Cumbria. We provide full welding services which include repairing damaged parts, and fabricating parts when necessary. This could be repairs to the fuel tank, frame or exhaust system.

Light fabrication is available for any parts needed. Brackets to hold a new exhaust system, or maybe you are converting your bike to a bobber or rat bike and need parts fabricating. 





Light Fabrication

Shot Blasting Details

We offer a full motorbike Shot Blasting service in Cumbria. We provide this service for anyone who needs any part of their bike blasting. Whether it’s to get it resprayed, powder coated or you need it do to be able to repair rust.



Individual Components

Powder Coating

What Do We Weld?

Most people’s motorbikes get exposed to the elements, and unlike a car there is way less protection for the structure, frame, wheels and all metal work. Overtime these can become corroded or damaged. As people keep their bikes for a longtime and some are even collectors pieces welding work is sometimes needed.

How Does Shot blasting Work?

Shot blasting removes all surface paint and rusted metal. This is used when repair works are being undertaken or you are wanting to respray your bike. Different grades of sand are used depending on what you want to do.

We also offer a wheel spraying service. Change the colour of your wheels with ease. Find out more here.

MBR Services

Our range of Motorbike Services. Click to find out more.


Servicing for all motorbikes. Pre MOT or general servcicing.


Repairs and upgrades for all motorbikes and engine sizes.


Something not running correctly? We can diagnose the fault.

Engine Rebuilds

Lower/Upper engine or full rebuilds. Track & Race bikes or everyday.


Custom suspension setups taking into account you as the rider.


Shot blasting and welding repairs or light/minor upgrades.