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We offer a full motorbike engine rebuild service in Cumbria. MBR can provide you with Engine Services backed up with decades of experience to get you and your bike back on the road.

It is common knowledge that with the usual wear and tear a high revving motorcycle engine withstands, power is lost over time. On average, it is stated that around 3-5bhp can be lost every year, due to wear of the mechanical parts of an engine. So whether you want to be that split second faster around the track, or have that little bit more power in reserve for the longer journeys.

2 Stroke Engines

4 Stroke Engines

Running Rough

Suspected Internal Damage

Bottom/Top End

Track & Race Engines

What Are Engine Rebuilds?

An engine rebuild/overhaul maybe cheaper than you think. These happen very regularly on track and race bikes. The same thing is needed on commuter and hobby bikes just not as often. Due to motorbike engines revving so hard they wear mechanically. An engine rebuild repairs the worn parts and keeps them running clean. 

It’s also a great way to increase the longevity of your bike.

MBR Services

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Servicing for all motorbikes. Pre MOT or general servcicing.


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Engine Rebuilds

Lower/Upper engine or full rebuilds. Track & Race bikes or everyday.


Custom suspension setups taking into account you as the rider.


Shot blasting and welding repairs or light/minor upgrades.